Let’s Stop the Medical Big Brother

Projekt je již ukončen. Seznamte se s výstupy: Zveřejňujeme analýzu Národního informační systému (NZIS) (červen 2024).

Iuridicum are planning litigation to challenge the processing and use of sensitive personal medical data by the Czech Institute of Health Information and Statistics through the National Health Information System. The processing practices take place pursuant to the Health Services Act.

Research objective: To finalise a litigation strategy for reducing the unnecessary personal data processing in the Czech National Health Information System and its individual registers.

Litigation objective: The adoption of specific legislative changes to the Health Services Act resulting in more transparency of data processing and use by the National Health Information System, a reduction in the amount of data being retrieved by the system, and anonymisation or pseudonymisation of data.

Impact objective: To achieve systemic change in the functioning of the National Health Information System and improve the general culture of sensitive data processing in state administration.

Grant period: 20-06-2022 – 31-01-2024